Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wunkle Wednesday(-ish): Lake Treasure!

So I was just making potato salad to take on my upcoming weekend trip to the lake with my wolfpack, and I realized I'd forgotten to post a Wunkle Wednesday photo. Eh, I'm only two hours late in Eastern time, and it's still Wednesday on the West Coast... it could be worse. Anyway, given that this lake trip is why I was late, I figured a lake photo of Wunkle would be appropriate for today!

"Looky what I found!"
We were wandering along at water's edge, and found a patch of shale bits that were just perfect for skipping on the water. While my human companion and I competed at skipping rocks (with me failing miserably, as usual), Wunkle stumbled across an arrowhead at water's edge! At first we thought it must be just an arrowhead-shaped piece of shale, given that there was quite a bit of shale in the vicinity, but on closer inspection, you can still see the marks of the human effort that went into shaping it. Lucky little munky, finding such a cool souvenir of our trip!

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