Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wunkle Wednesday: Cerveza en la Playa

My previous post about a nail polish that reminded me of the Turks and Caicos got me to daydreaming about my past Caribbean vacations, so I figured that was a good jumping-off point for today's Wunkle Wednesday post. This particular photo is from the Money Bar, a lovely little beach club in Cozumel. Wunkle enjoyed our afternoon there, but was very disappointed to find that they didn't serve Corona, which he was wanting in order to create his own version of that company's beachy ads.

After his initial dismay, he decided to settle for some Dos Equis instead... and frankly, I think the green bottle is much prettier than a Corona bottle would have been! Hey, Dos Equis, Munky Wunkle wants you to know that he's available when you decide to get rid of that old dude spokesman.

"The Most Interesting Munky in the World."
Munky Wunkle says, "Stuffed monkeys don't always drink beer, but when they do, they prefer Dos Equis. Stay thirsty, my friends!"

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