Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Thursday Three: Lip Balm Edition

So I'm thinking that if I include more weekly features on this blog, it will force me to start posting more regularly. In that vein, I'm introducing "The Thursday Three," a weekly round-up of three... somethings. Really, this will encompass pretty much anything that I can neatly corral into sets of three, probably with a focus on my favorites in any given category. I think I can stick with this, because at the very least, I can surely come up with a weekly list of three items even if I don't elaborate about them at length, right?

For this first Thursday Three, we're going to delve into my plethora of lip balms. Lip balm is one product that I can't function without, and I feel like I'm constantly on the prowl for my "holy grail" product. My lips tend to chap, especially in the winter, and I  can't stand the feeling or the look of dry, icky lips. At any given time, I've probably got at least five lip balms in rotation between my makeup drawer, my purse, and work. Minimum. Along the way, I've stumbled across a few products that really made me happy, so I'm sharing them with you!

I stumbled across this drugstore gem while on vacation in Florida, and I just adore it. It's the most "traditional" balm of the bunch, a twist-up solid stick, nothing special about the packaging. This balm's got a couple of things going for it that distinguish it from the glut of similar stick balms, though... first, the high SPF, which I dig. You see, not only do I want to protect my lips from the sun, I also have a relatively recent and large scar on my left leg that requires extra sun protection if I want it to fade as much as possible over time. So because I am kind of tacky, I have been known to use this product on my scar too; I feel like it's more effective than traditional sunscreen because the waxiness of it clings to the scar area longer, especially on the beach or in the water!

The other thing that I really love about this lip balm is the FLAVOR. It smells like the most delicious tropical sunscreen, which alone would have made me like it, but it also tastes amazing... like a fruity, delicious piƱa colada or some other tropical drink that would come with a little paper umbrella. The flavor lasts a good while, too, unlike a lot of products that lose their flavor rapidly after application. As far as moisturizing my lips, it does a perfectly fine job; I mean, I don't feel like angels are dancing on my lips or anything, but it's more than adequate in the dryness-prevention department. The only complaint I have about this product is that it's hard to find in stores here in my landlocked state... so I stocked up when I went back to the beach a few months later! (It's readily available online, though, and I'm just a brat about paying shipping charges.) 

I received this item back in my January Ipsy bag, which was full of skincare products that I thought would be totally boring. Boy, was I wrong! I ended up really digging the contents of that bag, especially this lip balm! The squeezy tube is super-nondescript, although I grudgingly guess I get the hipster vibe they're going for with the design. To my eye, though, it just looks medicinal, like a tube of antibiotic ointment... not like something epic to put on your face, which is what it actually is. I also hate that the application surface is a flat top instead of a more lip-friendly angled or rounded one, but honestly, I usually end up applying with my finger anyway.

Once opened, the product itself also looks pretty underwhelming at first glance: a clear, kind of thin-seeming gel formula. Don't be fooled, though, because it turns into moisturizing awesomeness on the lips. It leaves a nice little hint of shine and lasts a really long time. The only reason this lip balm isn't at the top of the list: the flavor (or lack thereof). It's perfectly fine, but it's just a very subtle and short-lived hint of mint, with none of the lime tartness that I'd expect from something named "mojito." Step up the flavor game, Malin+Goetz, and I'll de-throne my current #1 for you.

I've actually already reviewed this delightful product once on this blog, but it more than deserves another shout-out, because it's earned the top spot on my list and in my makeup bag. I don't want to repeat myself ad nauseum, so you can clicky-clicky here to read that full review, or you can just stick around and roll with my CliffsNotes. Pros: ginormous size for the very reasonable price, smells and tastes like orgasmic syrupy waffle-y deliciousness, moisturizing as all get-out, swanky packaging. Cons: um, the tin can be a little hard to open sometimes? Recommendation: GET SOME, and check out TokyoMilk's other flavors while you're at it.

So there you have it, folks: my first Thursday Three. If you're actually a real, live human being who is actually reading my blog, please leave me a little feedback or a suggestion on what categories you might like to see me tackle. I'd welcome the challenge (and the confirmation that someone actually sees this crap I write)!

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