Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mini Mani Review: Rainbow Honey "Sweet Talk"

The polish that first tempted me to place an order with Rainbow Honey in May was "Sweet Talk." I don't remember where I saw it, I just remember thinking, "Hey, that looks like a jawbreaker, which is kinda fun." So I ordered it, and a Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag... and I played with the mystery bag polishes... and then I ordered some other polishes... and poor little "Sweet Talk" languished on my shelf, neglected.

Until tonight.

Shame on me.

WTF was I waiting for?

YOU GUYS. I love this polish SO MUCH. SO SO MUCH.

Never leave me, "Sweet Talk."
It really does look like a jawbreaker... like fun, happy candy on my fingers, with violet, fuchsia, and icy blue glitter swimming in a milky white base. (There's also the faintest hint of teensy-weensy pink shimmer.) It applies beautifully and the glitter distributes like a dream, with no extra dabbing or dragging needed to get it spread evenly over the nail. The picture above is one coat of "Sweet Talk" over a coat of OPI's "Alpine Snow," with a double serving of Seche Vite top coat to smooth out the bumpiness from the glitter. I think you could build "Sweet Talk" to opacity in three coats with no "undies," but why bother when it's already got such beautiful depth and color in one easy coat?

Okay, Rainbow Honey. You win. I'm officially your bitch now. What's next?

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