Saturday, March 8, 2014

And so it begins...

So I had one of these before, back in the days of yore, but I have no idea what I called it or even which site I used. Ah well... somewhere in the annals of the Internet, there's a time capsule of early-20-something moi, just waiting to be re-discovered.

I really have no idea why I'm choosing to start this blog, because I'm pretty sure nobody will ever find my wonkiness worth reading... and frankly, the jury's still out on whether I'd even want anyone to do so! For now, I suppose this is just an exercise in keeping some sort of tabs on all the random things I do, see, create, cook, and/or think. We'll see where it goes.

(Oh, and there might also be some entries about my traveling monkey... just sayin' is all.)

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